The World of Bokusai Art

Seen through Byoubu, Kakejiku, and Shikishi


As the beautiful fall leaves soothingly away in the backdrop of Kyoto City's Soutokuji Temple's Shotenkaku Museum, the Modern Bokusai Art Association will celebrate its 20th anniversary with its memorial exhibition.


As we reflect on our past, it is as if it like a flash of a dream, and it also feels as though we have just run through only one path. In such case, it may be accurate to depict our lives as a  kaleidoscope being expressed through a paintbrush every day of our lives.


Each artwork is a culmination of the lives of each of our members: with expressions of our dreams and realities. 


It will be our greatest please to share the deepest emotions of our world. 


Collection Membership,

Modern Bokusai Art Association

Cultural Center Bokusai Art Course Locations


Kyoto Yomiuri Culture Home 075-353-7070

Kobe Shimbun Culture Center Tio Maiko KCC 078-786-0808

Kobe Shimbun Culture Center Shin NagataKCC 078-611-1118

JEUGIA Culture Center Chisato Cerusi 06-6835-7400

Mainichi Shimbun Osaka Center Mainichi Culture Center 06-6346-8700

NHK Tokushima Culture Center 088-611-6881

Tokushima Shimbun Culture Center Tokuhima Sogo Campus 088-611-3355

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Duplication,  downloading and dissemination of any images in any form without expressed written consent is strictly prohibited. 



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