Ichijoh Shimotani

Japanese Bokusai Painter


"The images I create are a culmination of my life and soul. It is the testimony of my life and possess the power to spread hope."

Ichijoh Shimotani is a Japanese Bokusai painter based in Osaka, Japan. 


Born in Tokushima, Japan, Ichijoh graduated from The Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1965 and soon discovered her love for painting.


In 1974, she ventured into the world of Oil painting and have had a presence in the Japanese traditional and modern art scene ever since. 


With expertise in Japanese and Chinese-Indian Ink painting, Ichijoh has held numerous exhibitions and have made many event appearances to great fanfare. 


Not just a spectacular painter, Ichijoh is also an avid art activitist.


She has founded the Ichijoh Art Gallery and the Japanese Modern Art Association in

Osaka, Japan. Ichijoh has also served as a global ambassador for Japanese art and culture by participating in international art and culture exchange programs for China and France.


When it comes to the expansion of traditonal Japanese art, Ichijoh says this: 


"Japan has nurtured its distinct culture and art being surrounded by four seas. Such traditional art and Byoubu-Kakejiku received rave reviews during the exhibition that was held at the Hilton Hotel in London. I wish to continue extending international fellow throughout Europe and the Middle East moving forward."


Ichijoh's work consists of traditional Japanese culture, which features breathtaking

scenery from famous locales in Japan and the natural beauty found in various

parts of Japan.  She also includes historical asian symbolism in her work, providing

art viewers a unique visual experience that is culturally enriching.




1942  Born in Tokushima prefecture, Japan.

1965  Graduated Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Science.

1974  Studied Oil Painting.

1985  Studied Chinese Indian Ink Painting and Japanese Modern Art.

1997  Established the Ichijoh Art Gallery in Osaka, Japan and

          founded the Modern Japanese Bokusai Art Association.

 Anri doll collection Gallery.





  • Indian Ink Painting Friendship Culture Exchange between Japan and China.

  • International Culture Exchange Festival in France.





Received exhibition awards from Tokyo and Osaka art museum.





  • Exhibitions in art museums, local town hall, and hotels.

  • Her art students have exhibited their paintings at her exhibitions in Osaka, Kobe and Tokushima.

  • London, United Kingdom Exhibition in 2016.




  • Director of Ichijoh Art Gallery and Modern Japanese Art Association.

  • Lectures art at the Hyogo University of Health Science in Kobe, Japan


© 2015 Ichijoh Shimotani. All art work displayed on this page are the property of Ichijoh Shimontani.

Duplication,  downloading and dissemination of any images in any form without expressed written consent is strictly prohibited. 



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